Empowering communities through architecture.

Your vision, our expertise, shared values.

Inspiration is a universal constant in everyone and everything. Communities are the result of the interwoven history of a place and its people. These facts are the foundations of our practice; our aim is bring people together to tell stories about the future of their spaces. We create opportunities for dialogue between neighbours and use this as a source of inspiration to foster understanding about shared histories on which to build a hopeful vision of tomorrow. 


Public Engagement 

Creative consultation

Building communities 

Embedding architecture


Inspire our clients

High quality design

Professional services


Low cost 

Low energy

High performance


Charlie Butterwick


Charlie is a stoic architect with dash of charm who's always finding ways to talk himself into trouble and out of it again.

Dan Kelso


Dan is a powerful, creative problem-solver, and enjoys leveraging his engagement skills both on and off the pitch.

Shaun Jenkins


Shaun is the 10 blade of mediating groups; sharp, incisive and there to find the solution that gets to the heart of the matter. 

+44 (0)789 401 2780


Wellington Studios, Pollard Street East,

Manchester, M40 7FS

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