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The White House


Private Client


Hyde, Manchester





Giving the Attic New Life

The project is split within two areas of the home. The first aim is to bring the attic back to life by creating a space that is open and connected whilst creating a play-haven that looks out into beautiful views at every window. Spaces need to be light filled, and make the attic a wholesome multi-purpose family zone by combining modern and traditional elements.

Having discussed the design in detail during the Design in a Day session we agreed that the attic would be divided into two mains sections. One section to accommodate two bedrooms and one bathroom whilst the other end is a open landing, balcony, play room and office. This design option looks at creating a clear landing upon entering the attic space. The existing dormer will be changed to full glass with an access to a new balcony. This enforces a visual connection from the landing into the green belt, creating an indoor-outdoor picture moment, where pool is played whilst admiring the view. On the left, through a set of pivot doors that can be left open for easy circulation, is a sensory play zone and box window library that connects into a private office. On the right are two bedrooms and a shared bathroom for guests. One of the bedrooms converts the dormer into a modern box window whilst the other bedroom introduces skylights and a large gable end window that is perfect for sunset views. Under the eaves are storage drawers that can be rolled out.

Secondly the aim is to an internal energy upgrade to the existing envelope of the house. To do this we will need to internally insulate several rooms and bathrooms, insulate the roof but using the existing structure and create a side dormer (that replaces the existing side dormer) that creates higher ceiling for easy circulation. The aim is also to minimise thermal bridging and increase thermal capacity within the home. We will also be looking into ventilation/ heating systems that are cost effective.

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