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Sounds of the Streets


Street Support -


Manchester / Liverpool


circa £5k


Ollie Martin (artist)

Manchester Metropolitan University Architecture Department -

WithOut A Home (WOAH)

Hawkins Brown Architects -

Civic Engineers Ltd -

Manchester City Council


Immerse yourself in the experience of homelessness

07.05.2020 - Sounds of the Streets is back as part of Liverpool's Light Night exhibition taking centre stage in the Lady's Chapel of Liverpool Cathedral! Though postponed due to the Covid19 lockdown, we hope to see this festival of art that attracts fourteen thousand visitors in a single evening be rescheduled to later this year. 

A fantastic opportunity to help a good cause. Having been approached by the Architecture Department at MMU we were invited to collaborate on an art installation being commissioned by Street Support, MCC's central support network for homelessness provision. Utilising designs produced by architecture students we developed detailed construction drawings from 3D models to build the exhibition using WikiHouse. Though intended to form part of the International Arts and Homeless Festival the funding target for the project was not achieved in time. We are still currently seeking funding to complete this work next year and would appreciate any enquiries!

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