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Scout Hut


2nd Whalley Range Scouts


Whalley Range Manchester




ING Design - Structural Engineers


Regenerating a lost sense of adventure

A very ambitious project to support this intrepid Scout troop to construct their new permanent home. Within a tight budget we have designed a scheme that utilises WikiHouse to devolve as much responsibility to the users and will allow them to get deeply involved in the construction. The building will be one of the largest single WikiHouse structures in the world (also with some of the largest spans) and unlike other large scale WikiHouse productions will be Client led. This is a hugely exciting project for us and we hope to begin construction in Summer 2019. More information and pictures to follow. 

Update 02.06.19: So excited to announce that the Scout Hut will be starting on site 24 June 2019 and with the farewell and demolition of the existing huts. Our construction partners have a five week programme to prepare the foundations and services before the WikiHouse elements begin on 27 July with the Big Hut Build! All welcome regardless of age, experience or ability, volunteers please email us for further information. See you there. Further pictures of the WikiHouse fabrication files to follow!

Update 14.10.19: Well that blew by! The construction of the UK's largest single WikiHouse structure is now completed and fit out and finishing is underway. What an incredible process to watch the Scouts, their parents, neighbours, friends, families and lots of volunteers put this scheme together. Constructed from assorted loose pieces but quickly becoming an insulated waterproofed shell, the WikiHouse build period lasted just 21 days. Further updates/photos to follow as we progress towards completion!

Update 27.05.20: Well hasn't it just been the weirdest time since our last update? Work at the Scout Hut is still progressing though not at the same pace partially due to social distancing measures. However, since our last update internally, the first fix for both plumbing and electric have been completed, the internal walls have all been boarded and the building is weather tight thanks to the wonderful new windows. Externally, the cladding is about 75% complete now with only the board walk entrance left to do. Due to the current crisis a lot of skilled labour is in short supply but we are hopeful that the building will be able to be occupied soon and that the Scouts can begin to enjoy their new home once the current crisis subsides.

Update 29.09.20: We've been shortlisted for the Structural Timber Association Awards for both best Commercial Project and Best Architect of the Year with the Scout Hut Project which (as you can see) is rapidly reaching completion! Despite the crisis in-person scouting looks like it will be restarting soon and in some style! With the final pieces of decoration soon to be completed, the 2nd Whalley Range Scouts new home is finally ready for occupation.

Final Update: We can now official declare the 2nd Whalley Range Scout Hut OPEN. It may have taken some time to get this point, but considering it has been a challenging time for people at the moment, it is a great achievement for the troupe to get it over the line. Excited kids having been running, flying and climbing all over it for a few months now with very big smiles on their faces. Just as importantly, the Scout Hall has found multiple community uses that slot alongside it's primary users ranging from ballet classes to singing teaching and a playgroup. This gives the 2nd Whalley Range Scouts financial support and relative independence ensuring that their legacy project team will continue to support children's growth and learning for a generation.

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