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Scafell Pike Visitors Centre


The National Trust -


Lake District National Park





Climbing the highest moutains

Landscape and architecture are always two sides of the same coin but when you're lucky enough to be working in one of the most monumental, picturesque and environmentally sensitive areas of the UK sometimes you just need to sit back and marvel. Our newest client, The National Trust, have recently appointed us to design a Welcome Centre for the Wasdale Head Campsite, the primary "base camp" for ascending England's tallest mountain Scafell Pike and adjacent to the country's deepest lake, Wast Water.

Update: 12.12.2019 - We are well on our way to finalising a concept design for the Wasdale Welcome Centre and have received great feedback from the National Trust on our initial proposals. The scheme revolves around a juxtaposition of usage and attitudes. How can we marry the needs of day trippers and 3 Peak Eventers visiting Scafell Pike for the thrill of the mountain with the needs of the campsite visitors who value the peace and tranquillity of a week in this stunning location? Our proposal splits the functions of the building into two discreet elements facing different directions and aims to allow both to operate individually. The location of the building near to the car park provides for new oversight to ameliorate the worst tendencies of car park visitors and provides welcome relief for the campsite's only shop. Leaning on the vernacular style of the area the proposals are clad in timber and feature gabion basket cladding using stone from the nearby stream.

Update 03.04.2020 - Unfortunately due to the Covid crisis this project is unlikely to continue in its current form. As many will have seen the National Trust's finances took a significant hit during the early part of the crisis and key Springtime visitor peaks were slashed due to the lockdown. We hope this project will be revived at some point in the future and look forward to continue helping the National Trust rebuild.

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