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Playhouse Competition




Organised By:
Carma Masson -

Barney Ibbotson -

Ben Clark -


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Learn what it takes to be an architect

We don't often enter competitions but when we do we try and make sure its for a good cause. If you're reading this in 2022 then the whole subgenre of lockdown games will hopefully feel like a distant memory but for a few months staying inside with some exciting architectural games to play was the height of your social calendar.

Our contribution to the fantastic, not-for-profit Playhouse Design Competition is a distributed game to be played either remotely with friends or within your household. Each player choses a quadrant of Piccadilly gardens to redesign with a peculiar client in mind. Use pens, pencils, glitter, glue or anything else but most importantly your imagination and see where you end up. 

You can get your hands on Piccadrawy for FREE in the Downloads section below.

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