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Old Shelter Annex


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Zen WikiHouse in the Woods

We're really excited by this fantastic opportunity to design with nature on a beautiful site in the Lake District. Overlooking a glacial valley south of the Old Man of Coniston, this small annex contains a Music Room and Meditation Studio for our client, a Zen expert and soon to be author!

Working closely with the client and naked build co. we have developed a scheme that marries the clients ideals, passions and vision for how she wants to live with texture, context and architecture that seeks serenity and oneness with its stunning setting.

We have explored numerous tactile materials but the ones that stand out are slight burnt timber cladding, seeking to mimic the bark of the surrounding trees, reclaimed hanging slate which bind it with the classic vernacular homes of the lakes. Weathered steel guttering and surface water gullies flow off the building and down into the valley below. With a canopy of wild flowers, moss and sedum we're targeting a biodiversity net gain for the project adding places for wildlife and grounding the building in nature despite being elevated on reclaimed timber posts.

Creating two separate but linked spaces allow for a contrast of use, feel and experience. It was important that each space has its own distinct tone, but still be harmonious and tactile. Both have wonderful and slightly different views of the valley below that range from the expansive to the intimate. The internal finishes will also speak a different language, complementing the future use of each space. Without a defined entrance the annex has no defined routes and allows for a free flowing connective experience that mingles inside and outside; unbridled natural landscapes with the snug living room. We wanted to remove hierarchy from the relationships between the functions of the internal spaces, breaking away from traditional house design dogma.

We will be heading off to planning very shortly so keep your eyes open for future developments.

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