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Nike Air Max 95 Retrospective









Exploring the heart of Liverpool

Conceived by Sergio Lozano, during the mid ‘90s, the Air Max 95 design took shape via cues from the human body, with a lacing system inspired by a set of ribs, a spine inspired outer sole and a mesh and suede upper representing muscle fibres. At the time is was visionary and redefined the sneaker for a generation. Nike’s fearless endeavour to innovate and push the boundaries of sneaker design resembles the innovative fearless City of Liverpool and its people. Emerging from the muds of the Mersey, its been through its ups and downs, through continued reinvention, a strength of will and character it has survived and grown to become a world class city with a unique and strong identity, with trainers and sport athleisure wear, epitomised Nike brand and the AM95s, at its heart.

Our task is to design an artistic installation that captures the essence of this iconic sneaker against the back drop of the city reborn. Our first concept, From the Mud, imagines the spirit of Liverpool, the Scouser, emerging from the muddy earth on a journey of self-actualisation with the Air Max 95 as the source of their power. This concept would see the construction of huge chest/torso cavity filling the floor to ceiling height of the Sevenstore basement with arms grasping the pillars as a figure pulls itself from the earth.

Our second concept, X-Ray Deconstruct 110s, imagines a deconstructed 110, reordered into a walk
through piece that is an allusion to the 90s rave culture into which it was born. The technical elements of the shoe are exploded to dig down to the heart of the aesthetic that changed casual fashion so drastically. Defined against a lighting scheme that journeys from dark into light, this project aims to immerse and then reveal in fragments the challenges to the 110s' iconic success.

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