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Manor Road Extension


Private Client


Stretford, Manchester





House of Juxtapositions

This tricky brief for a house was to combine private with public and original with modern and conflate widely varying occupancy requirements which changed from week to week. Though seemingly a simple double storey extension with 2 new bedrooms at first floor and additional ground floor accommodation what we were actually asked to do was turn a 3 bedroom house into a flexible 7 bedroom house which must be able to to transform operationally depending on whether your usage is public or private. Wrapping all this within a modern form to contrast with the traditional semi-detached existing made this an interesting challenge.

Our proposal creates a new entrance and hall with a convertible W/C/utility space and walk through larder separated from the main hall by a sliding door under the stairs. The expanded modern kitchen has two entrances from the public and private halls and has sneaky storage and tuck away desks to convert if from family kitchen/learning room into an entertainment space. The ground floor office is will be fitted out to contain fold down beds and can operate as a bedroom at a moment's notice. With the addition of an external guest suite in the garden, an additional two large double beds upstairs and significant improvements to the Master Bedroom, this house has the ability to be a chameleon and adapt to its ever changing environment.

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