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Holme House Farm


Private Client


Kendal, Lake District





A WikiHome Nestled in the Farm

The proposal is for a new build house nestled within woodland as part of the redevelopment of Holme House Farm. The aim is to provide an eco-family home that embraces the unique rural-edge setting, the site and it’s constraints, the neighbour’s previously completed designs and the Cumbrian backdrop but also the character, lifestyle and desires of the clients.

The project’s core aim is to create a space that is not only warm, joyful and uplifting clients and their children but enhances the natural world and reduces their carbon footprint. This is a space that will host parties and gathering with friends, neighbours and family but will also be a space that encourages and nourishes the creative spirit and soul of the family. We want to create a building that is a amalgamation of the clients and the site.

This plan makes the most of the width by having two living spaces stacked vertically and connected via a double heigh void. This would create an incredible entertaining and play environment that connects to a significant balcony at first floor level. This scheme captures the essence of an upside down house. The position of the balcony and the screening of the trees would make this quite a secluded spot which would get amazing evening sunshine. This direct connection between the primary living space and the balcony would make this a special space to spend time.

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