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Hilltop Cottage


Private Client


Horwich, Bolton





Nothing but Horses and Nature

In response to the brief and aspirations of client, as well as our analysis of the context and site, we have proposed a design that we believe creates a truly unique home that naturally connects to the stables and the outdoors - we have achieved this both through the layout of the buildings and its materiality.

Designing a linear layout allows for a horizontal circulation between the home and the stables. In having the two buildings sit in line with each other, not only provides direct access between the two, but also separates the home from the stables, offering privacy to the home - a quality an L-shape formation would not provide. Furthermore, it is this layout of the buildings that allows the home to not only gain generous amounts of natural light, but to also make most of the scenic views - a feature which is celebrated by large windows and a covered terraced.

The linearity is further accentuate through the materiality, where on the rear facade the gabion baskets and black profiled metal are elongated from the home to stables, creating a continuity between the two buildings. In using a contrasting material palette of black profiled metal, lightly charred timber and gabion baskets generates various combinations of textures, thus creating highly tactilei nternal and external spaces to inhabit and experience.

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