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Grafton Centre


Competition Entry submitted to Trafford County Council





Hometown Plus -

Altrincham Open Studios

Manchester School of Art - Architecture Students -


Full submission -

Community-led enterprises, assemble!

Expanding our range to include the redevelopment of larger shopping complexes, we applied to be involved in the regeneration of the Grafton Centre, a large 1960's monolith which has been largely vacant for several years. Following on from the success of the regeneration of Altrincham's Market Quarter we proposed a community of local boutiques and spaces for local initiatives supporting everything that makes this corner of Greater Manchester one of the most liveable towns in the country. Our proposal extended the current centre vertically with a lightweight glulam timber frame into which rotating commercial/community/residential uses could be plugged in. This was coupled with a complete replan of the upper deck and significant recladding operation to blend the 19 storey hotel tower better into the local surroundings.

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