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Glenview Extension


Private Client


Egerton, Bolton





A House fit for the Glen

An enhancement to a semi-detached family home by making it more spacious and open, while blending modern and traditional elements. The plan includes an infill extension for the dining room, refurbishment of living spaces, alterations to an existing garden office, and an upper side extension to create a master suite with a balcony and a view of the glen.

One of the main goals is to increase the footprint of the existing side extension to create a new hub for the home that will connect the kitchen, dining room, and garden. Perfect for Christmas and entertaining, this new side extension will be of importance as it will circulate through the hub of the home. For example, the kids will be able to freely come in and out of the garden whilst mum and dad are having a cup of brew in the dining room. Knocking down existing walls will ensure appropriate levels of comfort that Glenview has been longing for.

All of the extensions would share a similar architectural language whilst maintaining views to the glen. The design options offer bold choices for both internal layout and external aesthetics. Ultimately, the goal is to create a light-filled, comfortable haven for the family that takes advantage of the natural surroundings

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