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An Overview of Past Entries

Over the years we have entered competitions either for fun or to win but either way we've always enjoyed this aspect of working for ourselves. If the competition entry did well or was particularly relevant then it might have its own page but here we have collected the "best of the rest" which we will add to periodically.

Pride Parade Float: An exciting entry for a Pride inspired architectural sculpture that captured the essence of the fun of the LGBTQ community. Designed around a WikiHouse self-assembly model this float creates a space for LGBTQ to build together and connect with others as well as build an awesome upcycled moving artwork!

House in the Forest: A celebration of the fragile grandeur of the forest. This was an opportunity to explore the relationship between communities and the natural world especially how the future of environmental repair must be a grassroots movement inspiring all ages to reconnect with the world. As well as envisioning a tree house in the forest and an agro-rural self-sustainable community farm, our entry encouraged the participation of hundreds of thousands of local people in an annual planting event to regenerate the forests of the UK.

Grand Canyon Hotel: The Grand Canyon is almost too vast to truly apprehend. However, when arriving from the sensory overload that is downtown Las Vegas the majesty of this natural wonder appears diminished. Our hotel scheme aimed to provide a cultural and sensory counter point by depriving the user of the traditional expansive views overnight so that the morning's first excursions truly captured the grandeur of The Canyon.

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