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Community Led Masterplan


Rooted In Homes


Allerton, Bradford




Playground - engagement events and initial analysis

Neil McKenna - planning consultancy

Local community of Allerton


Allerton Rising

A home should be a place of safety, support and personal prosperity however one defines these terms. Unfortunately, for many this is not the case. For those in need, housing is often a source of stress, financial hardship and can, in some very sad cases, be a dangerous space to inhabit. The aim of this project is to change the way housing is conceived to root the positive power of the home in a supportive community of professionals and neighbours to create an intentional community of strangers.

This project envisions what such a community might look like in Bradford by developing a coherent vision for new-build housing on the site of the former Merrivale Arms pub under the stewardship of the Allerton-based charity Root In Homes. This plot has been earmarked for residential development since 2011 in the Bradford Local Plan and it is proposed that, in time, the site will be developed into supported housing accommodation for local families that will be administered by Rooted In Homes as part of their ongoing investment in the housing stock of the local area and the young people most affected by housing need.

Tenancy in these homes would be subsidised and supported by engagement from Rooted In Homes and other professionals providing wrap around support for residents with the aim of enabling a culture of personal growth founded in housing equality. Whatever each individual’s objective, be it moving onto the housing ladder for the first time, out of a difficult financial or personal circumstance or into a more connected communal environment, these homes would be the backdrop to the regeneration of people’s life chances in Allerton’s.

Beyond the immediate impact of the scheme, Rooted In Homes hope that this project becomes a beacon of good practice of hyper-local regeneration and will have a wider positive impact on the surrounding economy, employment and community that will spread the benefits of the new approach to the provision of homes that underpins this proposal.

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