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Brogden Grove


Private Client


Sale, Manchester




Andrew Coop - AKW Engineers Ltd


Conservation Area Action

Internal renovation and rear extension to Edwardian end of terrace house to open up and extend the ground floor. The aim is to provide a spacious elegant open plan kitchen, dining and living room at ground floor that is light filled and embraces the courtyard to the rear.

The project’s core aim is to make this house fit for modern living and a possible future family home. The layout is currently cramped and lacks any type of pleasing flow or connection between spaces. There is a need for updating the decoration, modernising the kitchen while an increase of natural light and courtyard interaction are required.

The proposal seeks to rationalise the available space, maximise natural light and make this house fit for modern living by adding a minimal extension to the rear of the house. This changes the existing confined space into a generous open plan kitchen-living-dining that would bring the family together during their
every day activities.

The design creates a modern but understated one storey extension with a wide, open kitchen which flows into both the sunken living room and dining space. The dining space and living are naturally lit, with a glazed elevation to the garden and a rooflight over the dining area. The space to the rear is enclosed with a polished concrete plinth that provides structural support to the walls but also helps define the lower seating area while it can also double up as seating, space for plants or pieces of art.

At the basement level, the floor and stairs will be upgraded to comply with current building regulations and the void space at the rear of the house will be turned into a utility room. The existing stairs connecting the basement to the ground floor will be excavated and replaced with new concrete stairs, finished with oak steps.

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