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Ashworth Valley Waterfall Regeneration


Moments of Life Charity


Ashworth Valley, Rochdale





Bridging Inclusivity and Biophilic Design

Nature is commonly seen as a place of biodiversity as well as a temple for oneself to recharge mentally and physically from dreaded city life. Irrespective of the particulars of the needs one assigns to these terms, the emotional coherence of “nature” as the site of rejuvenation and happiness is clear. Unfortunately, for many this is not the case. For some, access to nature’s wonders are limited and is often a source of stress, hardship and can, in some very sad cases, be a dangerous space to overcome. The aim of this project is to change the way accessibility is conceived to root the positive power of nature in order to uplift a community of professionals and neighbours with health conditions or impairments to create a new circulation route to Ashworth Valley Waterfall.

This project has been envisioned of what such a community might look like in Ashworth Valley Waterfall by developing a coherent vision for new-build inclusive pathways. These pathways would be designed under the guidelines provided of Approved Document Part M, Access to and use of Buildings and The Equality 2010 (Disability) Regulations 2010 with the aim of enabling a culture of personal growth founded in inclusive architecture. Whatever each individual’s objective, obtaining access to the waterfall for the first time, soaking in the biodiversity the valley has to offer or exploring a new environment that better suits their health needs, this new community route would become the backdrop to the nascent regeneration of Ashworth Valley Waterfall.

Beyond the immediate impact of the scheme, we hope that this project becomes a beacon of good practice of hyper-local regeneration and will have a wider positive impact on the surrounding issues around accessibility, inclusivity and community that will spread the benefits of the unique way these pathways have been conceived and will be delivered.

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