Brooks Road Extension

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Front Elevation
Front Elevation

Rejected by Planning

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Private Client


Trafford, Manchester





Home Extension to 1980s Eyesore

Major renovation and front extension to the 1980s
built detached house to open up a poorly laid out
home and providing a spacious open plan kitchen,
dining and living room at ground floor and to rearrange the first floor to make best use of the cramped layout. The project’s core aim is to make this house fit for a 4
person family. A home that works for them and that they
will be proud to invite people round too. The home is
cramped so the desire is to have a more comfortable, more
usable space for all of the family, and growing kids. Our aim is to provide for the client a modern playful design that seeks to harmonise
the character of the family, the lifestyle they want to live and a strong but not over powering aesthetic theme. The use of accent tones of powerful
bright colours set against white walls will help lift
the internal spaces. While the use of matching brick
juxtapositioned with natural timber cladding punctuated
by bright coloured powder-coated steel will create
a striking yet complementary street elevation.