Bristol Tiny House

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Private Client





Ian Grindey - IGN Design - Structural Engineer


Small space, big personality

We're always on the look out for innovative ways of living and have had our eyes on the Tiny House movement for some time, itching to get our hands on the design of one! The romantic ideals of living simply with a small footprint on the earth but maximising your impact on life is something we can definitely get behind.

So naturally, when we were asked by some friends to convert a tiny house design found online into a compliant dream home that they could build themselves of course we jumped at the chance. Introducing the Byron Tiny House, originating from Australia (can you tell by the sunlight quality alone?) and so conceived for a very different climate than what we "enjoy" in the UK. Our job is to retain the spirit of the design but to mould the specification to meet the requirements of BS3632:2015 - Residential Park Homes which govern buildings on trailers in the UK. We cant wait to show you how we get on!