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Relevant Revit is designed for Practitioners looking to upskill and Architectural Students looking to prepare for practice. The course breaks down this powerful influence on the construction industry into an easy-to-follow guide that will be presented live via screencast and deliver detailed Revit-knowledge linked to practical architectural draughting requirements.


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Designed for use in a small-to-medium sized UK architectural practice, this course follows the journey of a normal small project from inception through to construction touching on all the key Revit features that will make you more efficient, consistent and prepared in practice.


Presented in an "informal tutorial" style by one of our architects, Relevant Revit encourages live questions and "what if" scenarios so that you can pick up "troubleshooting" tips and work-around solutions to normal problems as well as best practice. This course is tailored to what you need to know to utilise the best of Revit in practice. From first principles through to final outputs we will follow the journey of a real project so that you can learn Relevant Revit.


Notes about this course:

  • Episode 1: Getting Started
  • Episode 2: Modelling Basics
  • Episode 3: Site Modelling
  • Episode 4: Family Modeling
  • Episode 5: Sheets, Rooms & Schedules
  • Episode 6: View Templates & Phasing Overview
  • Episode 7: Concepts & Phased Modelling


  • Each episode is fully resourced with files available for download
  • Each session is recorded and issued to each partcipant on completion along with course notes.

See our Eventbrite page for upcoming sessions!


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