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For those that say you can't teach an old dog new tricks our advice is to ask them to teach what they already know and we're sure they'll very quickly learn lots of new things. We are very lucky to be able to engage with some of brightest architecture students in the country and help shape their journey through architecture school. We find the novelty of their ideas endlessly inspiring and look forward to seeing the new work they tirelessly produce every week.


In addition we have also had a hand in administering the ground breaking MSA Events programme, a student-led two week project situated in the real world for real community based clients. Emphasising the social value that can be produced through architecture, Events challenges the students to procure and execute a project that they design themselves. See the picture gallery above for some great examples.

Benzie Building, Manchester School of Art


2nd Whalley Range Scout Hut

Mayfield Imaginarium

RSPB Old Moor - HLF Action Plan

Grafton Centre Regeneration - Competition Entry

Sounds of the Streets


Gaskell Avenue

Astley Walk

Home:Life - Homelessness Strategy

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