Incredible Education Forest School

A fabulous opportunity to stretch our creativity to provide a fantastic new facility in Salford. Our Client, the fabulous, Incredible Education CIC has shown over the course of many years the value of being outdoors using a connection with nature to improve health and welbeing of everyone they serve through home grown veg, cooking classes and Forest School classes for young people and local schools.


We were asked to design a major new build scheme to expand their offering to include a garden centre, cafe, community farm, class rooms, meeting rooms and start up office spaces for eco-businesses. The site is a disused plant nursery is an urban wilderness on the edge of Eccles populated by stand of mature trees but in need of some dedicated "green thumbed" attention. We were lucky to be working with the fantastic Elaine Cresswell of reShaped Landscape Architecture who saw the vision for this site so quickly and has designed an incredible site strategy to compliment the building.


Currently in the pre-funding stage we hope to see this project reappear on our desks in 2020 with some initial capital to build the first phase of this ambitious woodland adventure.

Incredible Education CIC


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