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WikiHouse Special Edition 2023 EZINE 09- Download Now

Architecture Unknown

October 2023



Welcome back to the WikiHouse Special Edition of the Architecture Unknown Ezine where you can get all your AU News update fixes.

This issue is a bit different because it’s our WikiHouse special edition, where we celebrate everything WikiHouse during AU’s WikiHouse month. To all our friends, clients and casual readers, as we head into autumn we hope you had an enjoyable and great summer of 2022 so far and hope to see you over the
coming months. Follow us on our social media and website to keep up to date with our latest projects.

Smiling Man on Laptop

We have just launched our official WikiHouse page that highlights AU’s ambitions through design and technical knowledge. The page, will showcase our portfolio of past, current and upcoming projects that utilise this system. We also have a new FAQ section that answers common questions we face when approaching a new WikiHouse project.

AU would like to take this opportunity to formally say hello to our new clients, the Langdale Hotel and Spa in Ambleside, Lake District, where we’ll be working alongside them to provide eco-friendly WIkiHouse accommodation for their onsite staff.

Be like Charlie... Build your own home extension! At AU, we are now offering a package deal for you to get your hands on Charlie’s extension Wiki-files for only £297 incl. VAT. This package includes:

1. An instruction manual that denotes a step-by-step process of your build from start to finish.
2. Support from the Architecture Unknown team if you have any queries during your build/ order process.
3. The cutting files you need to have your new 4.2x2.6m extension fabricated.
4. All the background information required to set up your site and guidance on who you need to speak to to finish your build.

Charlie’s house got a makeover! A bunch of us went over to his place and built this 11sqm
extension in two days. This single storey rear extension, 3-frame structure which we designed and was manufactured with Digital Woodoo. Here’s to experimenting and looking forward to the complete extension.

The proposal is for a new build house nestled within woodland as part of the redevelopment of Holme House Farm. The aim is to provide an eco-family home that embraces the unique rural-edge setting, the site and it’s constraints, the neighbour’s previously completed designs and the Cumbrian backdrop but also the character, lifestyle and desires of the clients.

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