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We won an RIBAJ Rising Star Award 2021!

Architecture Unknown

Nov 2021



Corny photos with our print copy of the RIBAJ November 2021!

So we didn't take these corny photos just for fun... I'm really pleased to announce that one of our Director's Charlie Butterwick has been awarded an RIBAJ Rising Star 2021. This has been a really humbling experience and we're so proud (and somewhat dazed) in the Architecture Unknown office to have been recognised.

The RIBAJ article ( highlighted our commitment "to delivering sustainable, cost-effective solutions that his clients can participate in constructing" alongside our vision "to make the public and residents partners in design; to promote shared values and identity; and to design buildings that inspire clients and champion their values." We couldn't put it better ourselves!

Smiling Man on Laptop

The judges, here specifically Yasmin Al-Ani Spence said "He is doing a community project [and in so doing] is changing the structure of how these are done. It is a nice, simple, honest representation of someone who works hard and has a good, solid idea".

We couldn't be prouder of being recognised in this way and is a testament to the whole team's aspirational thinking, drive to deliver against the odds and 100% belief in the power of the people to deliver beautiful buildings. We don't do what we do for the awards but it's darn-nice for your passion and professional expertise to be seen.

Thank you to the RIBAJ and Origin for organising this years awards and we look forward to meeting and learning from all the other finalists when we meet them in person later this year!

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