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Tea with an Architect: Come Enjoy Our Two Favourite Things

Charlie Butterwick

July 2018



Tea with an Architect, informative and delicious

Ever wished it was easier to ask an architect about your build but always find that our profession seems so remote and expensive as to be on another planet? We want to make it as easy as possible to enable you to get answers to any architectural question by coming to coffee shops near you and offering our time to you for free.

We're experts in design, problem-solving and building so if you want to ask about a potential extension, community project, new build or, our speciality, WikiHouse then join us. You can book a particular time to come and chat or alternatively just drop by whenever you're free.

Smiling Man on Laptop

Coffee is also allowed

We will be publishing an initial list of coffee shops where we'll be setting up shop via social media so please follow us! On the other hand if you work in/own a coffee shop and are interested in partnering with us on this then please get in contact.

Follow us on social media for updates on the dates and coffee shops we will be visiting near you!

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