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Summer 2022 EZINE05 - Download Now

Architecture Unknown

July 2022



Welcome back to the Summer Edition of the Architecture Unknown Ezine where
you can get all your AU News update fixes. It’s been a very busy first half of the year with exciting updates from the planning side and some new interesting projects.

To all our friends, clients and casual readers, as we head into summer we hope you had an enjoyable and great 2022 so far and hope to see you over the coming months.

Follow us on our social media and website to keep up to date with our latest projects.

Until next time,
Daniel AU Co-Director

Smiling Man on Laptop


Two projects submitted for planning in Stockport - Manchester Road and Ashley Drive. The former is an infill extension that creates a connected family space while the latter is a black timber and brick extension enclosing an open plan snug/dining/kitchen to a 60s Georgian semi-detached house.

The renovation of the Old Vicarage is currently in an exciting exploratory design phase with Rooted In - a charity seeking a new headquarters for multi-use community spaces.


Orchid Close - The proposal for an extension of a bright family space connecting to the kitchen and dining, as well as the new landscaping outdoor is now ready to go onto site.

Carlton Road - Another proposal for a rear extension is also ready to go on site.

Piel Island - We have won the competitive tender for a facility block on Piel Island, off the coast of Barrow-in-Furness.


The project comprises a new build stable and house of the existing Hilltop Stables. This pocket size home encloses an open plan lounge/kitchen/dining and a covered terraced providing views of the landscape.

Whilst the core aim of this project is for the home to sit in close proximity to the new build stables, the project is designed with a contrasting material palette of gabion baskets and black metal cladding to internally provide a dark and cosy feel.


Rooted In is a housing project based in Allerton and aims to inspire the local community that better is possible. We hope to give the people of Allerton a sense of pride and ownership of their neighbourhood
while giving them a place to grow and enjoy.

So far we have run three successful engagement events showcasing our initial master plan. The events were perfect opportunities to receive insightful feedback from the community. We are now beginning to refine the masterplan in response to the community. Our next goal is to produce a report on the project
to start a conversation with the council about taking ownership of this site and developing the project for the community.

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