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Spring 2023 EZINE08 - Download Now

Architecture Unknown

May 2023



Welcome to the 2023 Spring EZINE!

Welcome back to the Spring Edition of the Architecture Unknown Ezine where you can get all your AU News update fixes. The sun’s out and so are we! We have some very exciting updates from various projects undergoing construction and introducing new projects this spring. To all our friends, clients and casual readers, as we head into summer we hope you have a great time celebrating the several bank holidays and we hope to see you over the coming months. Follow us on our social media and website to keep up to date with our latest projects.

Smiling Man on Laptop

This single storey rear extension is almost done! This dynamic angled saw tooth roof with zinc cladding is finally taking shape. All that’s left is the interior decorating, the decking and some finishing touches. We can’t wait to share the final results with you!

We at AU want to lend a hand and use our design expertise to directly enable homeless people to be involved in the design and construction of bespoke homes as part of a unique Housing First strategy. Through the concept of self-build homes, we want to offer opportunities for skill advancement, construction site training, etc.

A family home that is spacious and open, creating a haven that looks out into the glen at the every floor in the house. We have started the tender process and are anticipating to start the Entertainment Shed on site this summer!

An attic conversion that accommodates two bedrooms and one bathroom whilst the other end is a open landing, balcony, play room and office. The proposal also includes an internal energy upgrade to the existing envelope of the house.

Looking at today’s scheme that is undergoing, it is interesting to AU that there are so many similarities in approach to the function of the space. Prioritising the arts, start-ups and local production alongside the rejuvenation of the public park, all of which adds to a public realm that Manchester has long yearned for. It may have taken another decade or so to get there but hey, looks well good to us!

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