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Regenerating a Lost Sense of Adventure

Architecture Unknown

Februrary 2019



Regenerated, a concept vision of the new Scout Hut constructed using WikiHouse community-building technology

We love working with community led clients and the Scouts with their long tradition of helping young people learn vital skills are one of the best examples imaginable. Our clients, the 2nd Whalley Range Scout Group, is made up of intrepid Cubs, Beavers, Scouts and Explorers who have provided endless inspiration and incredible volunteers/parents who have been incredible to work with.

However, unfortunately, the existing Scout Hut where all of this magic happens is two parts incredible mixed with one part crumbling. Over time, the Hut has become increasingly decrepit and saving these inefficient timber framed structures was never a viable option. Having stood the test of time for over 60 years of service, the Scout Troop required a modern facility to meet the needs of the next 100 years to continue bringing adventure to the youth of today.

Adding value to a project like this is more nuanced than it might seem at first glance. The stories that are embodied within the existing hut are part of that building. Tearing them down to make way for something sparkling and brand new might mean leaving behind those long years which have added weight and purpose to the weekly activities of the Scouts. We were very keen to ensure that our new proposals protected the heart of the Scouts and that the building was a part of the existing community before it was even constructed. Give that problem to four groups of excited young people and you end up with cardboard robots designed to help build the new hut and a series of bridge proposals exploring the structural capacity of twine! We're always in awe of the capabilities of these children and young adults which is why we thought WikiHouse might be a perfect fit to enable a community design to come to life through construction engagement.

Smiling Man on Laptop

The site of adventure - sketches of the place where the magic happens

We're experts in WikiHouse and know how rewarding it can be to complete a building that is close to your heart. Building the new Scout Hut as a team is one of the best ways of building a new series of memories and continuity into the proposal and will give them a unique insight into the construction industry. The new building comprises a large hall, meeting room, kitchen and ancillary spaces such as toilets and stores. Set on a sloping site it has two levels and an external veranda/walkway leading down to the main entrance from the road. Clad entirely in Siberian Larch, the building will age to a becoming silver colour which will sit nicely against the dark slate of the roof.

We're currently at tender and will be soon appointing a main contractor to partner with through the construction period which starts in June. Right now we are continuing to fund raise for this project so if you or anyone you know might like to support or get involved please contact us on social media or via email ( We can't wait to speak to you about this amazing project.

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