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Race + Architecture - How do we decolonise design?

Architecture Unknown

July 2020



Black out - Architecture Unknown in support of Selasi Setufe from Black Females in Architecture

The supremacy of white architecture is a huge problem for an industry which under represents black and minority backgrounds by a wide margin but has such an influence over so many lives. In this podcast we are so lucky to be joined by our friend and role model Selasi Setufe, co-founder of the Black Females in Architecture network and RIBA Council member, to discuss the path to becoming a black female architect.

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Black Females in Architecture - Diversity doesn't require only equality it needs equity to be effective

Discussing Selasi's journey as well as what drove her to become an architect originally we touch on the lack of representation in architectural curricula, the variance in the spatial character of the home and the gulf between equality and equity that we must still cross.

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