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Mental Health + Architecture - Is design the ultimate stress test?

Architecture Unknown

May 2020



Supporting Mental Health Week 2020 - During the pandemic we need to help each other

Serious doesn't always come naturally to us, but in this episode we've decided to pull on our "big-boy-pants" and are discussing our own mental health and diagnosing the industry's key pitfalls. Join on us on a weird and wonderful journey through our minds (emergency exits are behind you and a life jacket is under your seat) as we put all our cards on the table and hopefully provide some insight into how to survive this crazy world.

Smiling Man on Laptop

Architect's Benevolent Society is there to help anyone suffering with their mental health. Please use the links below

Touching on the Statue(s) of Liberty, architectural plagiarism in China, the 2020/21 Serpentine pavilion, charging-enabled trees and Dan's obsession with Gherkin patches we go the distance to bring you a wholly incomplete but amusing picture of architecture today.


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