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Co-living + Architecture - Is this the future of housing?

Architecture Unknown

August 2020



Is 18m² enough? Developers seem to think so!

How would you describe the future of housing? Many people would say co-living is the answer but what does this really mean? An idyllic community retreat for the lonely or a "pack-'em-in-tight" developer designed skyscraper full of 18m² "apartments" and shared kitchens?

Come with us on a journey to explore the realities of how co-living is being co-opted by duplicitous developers and find out why the future of housing need more thought and fewer buzzwords.

Smiling Man on Laptop

Mark Zuckerberg likes co-living and if that isn't a mark of success then what is

Also in the news, we instigate our own arson investigation surrounding the red tape bonfire Robert Jenrick is setting for future planning regulations and provide some positive relief by highlighting how hot-right-now scheme Nightingale in Australia is bucking the trend to deliver high quality, affordability and community values within the co-living sector.

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