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Autumn 2022 EZINE06 - Download Now

Architecture Unknown

October 2022



Welcome back to the Autumn Edition of the Architecture Unknown Ezine where you can get all your AU News update fixes.

It’s been a very busy season with exciting updates from the planning side and some new interesting projects. We have now moved our office to The Royal Mills in Ancoats and have welcomed Premdyl to the team, who has just joined in a Part 2 role.

To all our friends, clients and casual readers, as we head into autumn we hope you had an enjoyable and great summer of 2022 so far and hope to see you over the coming months. Follow us on our social media and website to keep up to date with our latest projects.

Until next time,
Daniel AU Co-Director

Smiling Man on Laptop

Our project of a full width extension and refurbishment to provide a more spacious kitchen in Chorley.

Brooks Road project - enhancing an 80s eyesore by renovating and extending the front to accommodate for an open plan kitchen, dining and living at ground floor and rearrange the first floor to make best use of the cramped layout.

Our Ashley Drive project has received planning and is ready to go on site soon!

Oswald Road, a side extension and attic conversion in Chorlton in currently at tender stage.

The Royal Canal Housing Scheme, a masterplan of 11 homes, is currently in an exciting exploratory design phase with wall and floor finishes, suitable for modern yet playful spaces.

The Old Vicarage, Bradford
The aim is to provide a new headquarters for the RootedIn charity, with multi-use community spaces that would make this building fit for purpose again. Whilst the core aim of this project is to create a space that is not only warm and uplifting but which would help and inspire people in the community, the spaces need to be flexible, easily adaptable, with room for change and opportunities.

Rooted In Community led housing, Allerton
This project sets to inspire people that better is possible. We hope to give the people of Allerton a sense of pride and ownership of their neighbourhood while giving them a place to grow. By utilising the four components of agency: Reflection, Purpose, Growth and Ownership as broad themes, we hope to
show how we envision people to enact these different aspects of agency within their lives.

In the background of each of these images will be an interesting and aspirational architectural response
unique to each image which could house the outline brief given to us, merging 52 homes into the surrounding landscape.

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