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Alcohol + Architecture - Is design + wine healthy?

Architecture Unknown

June 2020



Hello my name is the Modulor and I'm an alcoholic...

Blaming the drink may be a simple way to excuse wonky draftsmanship but sometimes a lighthearted tipple in studio can land you with more than a headache! In this episode we explore alcohol and its tricky relationship with architecture, the profession some might say is reliant on an unhealthy amount of self-confidence and lowered inhibitions.

Smiling Man on Laptop

One of the best known boozy buildings, Heatherwick's Bombay Sapphire distillery

Included as well is our light-hearted review of recent architectural news including plans to return Manchester's streets to the people, a house with a beer-jacket by alma-nac architecture and a big secret that Dan won't want getting back to the Irish (duh-duh-duuuh)!

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